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Our past guest speakers include:
Mary Treder Lang, Candidate for MI Secretary of State - Oct. '17
Robert Young Jr, Former Chief Justice of the MI Supreme Court & Candidate for U.S. Senate - Nov. '17
Patrick Colbeck, MI State Senator & Candidate for Governor - Jan. '18
Klint Kesto, MI State Representative & Candidate for Congress- Jan. '18
Rocky Raczkowski, Former MI State Representative & Candidate for Congress- Feb. '18
Bob Carr, Candidate for U.S. Senate - Feb. '18
Tonya Schuitmaker, MI State Senator & Candidate for MI Attorney General - Feb. '18
Mike Kowall, MI State Senator & Candidate for Congress - March '18
Lena Epstein, Candidate for Congress - April '18
Kristine Bonds, Candidate for Congress - May '18
Kerry Bentivolio, Former Member of Congress & Candidate for Congress - June '18
Tony Shaffer, Lt. Col. (ret.), Fox News Contributor - June '18
Susy Heintz Avery, Former Chair of the Michigan Republican Party - June '18
Jeff Noble, MI State Representative - July '18
Richard Zeile, Michigan State Board of Education
Scott GreenleeHealthy and Productive Michigan - July '18
Josh Hovey, Truscott Rossman - July '18
Ed Haroutunian, Founding Chairman of the Wayne County Republican Committee - Aug. '18
Lisa Posthumus Lyons, Candidate for Lt. Governor, Kent County Clerk - Aug. '18
Dennis Wright, Mayor of Livonia - Aug. '18
John Anthony, Canton Township Trustee - Aug. '18
Kurt Heise, Plymouth Township Supervisor - Aug. '18
Bob Nix, Northville Township Supervisor - Aug. '18
Randy Liepa, Superintendent of Wayne RESA & former Superintendent of Livonia Public Schools- Nov. '18
Terry Marecki, Wayne County Commissioner, District 9 - March. '19
Linda Lee Tarver, President of the Republican Woman's Federation of Michigan - Sept. '19
Kathleen Berden, Republican National Committeewoman for Michigan - Sept. '19
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